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SINO DRO SDS6-3V is manufactured by the well know DRO producer LOKSHUN in Guangzhou CHINA, the others considered fake or copied from the real SINO DRO, it is a multifunctional 2 or 3-coordinate numerical display gauge. It works with different machines like Bridgeport-type milling machines, traditional/manual lathes, surface grinders, even EDM machines.

Anyone can download the SINO linear encoder installing instructions, and DRO sds62v sds63v user manual/operation guide in PDF format from our website.

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EASSON is well-known manufacture that produces high-end digital readout systems.

The Easson ES-12B offers a high-performance 7″ LCD graphical display console with Milling and Lathe functions. the EASSON ES-12B 2/3 axis DRO allows up to 3 linear encoders to be connected.

EASSON ES-12B LCD DRO is very easy to use, we have the EASSON user manual to provide step-by-step graphical guidance for DRO functions when entering required parameters. On-screen drawing of actual programmed result prior to processing PCD, Line of holes, or Arc contour.

Please note this console has the same functions and specifications as the Easson ES-12C-2 and 3 axis LCD DRO but has a different front panel layout.

On our website, we have also listed the other model from EASSON, the LED type DRO ES8A series, which allows 2 axis, ES-8A-2 axis,3 axis, ES-8A-3 axis.And economical type ES17-2axis, ES17-3axis.

Anyone can get the EASSON es 8a ,es 12b series digital readouts operation manual pdf from our website.

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