The SINO SDS3 single-axis DRO display allows up to 1 linear encoder to be connected.

  • Number of Inputs- 1 Axis.
  • Display Type- LED.
  • Housing – Metal.
  • Encoder Input – Linear.
  • Easy & Smooth ‘R’ function.

    What is included in the package:

    Mounting Arm, Fixing Bolts, Cable Clips, Protective Cover, Power Lead and User Manual


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SINO is a well-regarded quality DRO manufacture producing reliable powerful robust top quality displays and scales. Suitable for Lathes Milling machines Grinding machines EDM machines Boring machines. Installation manuals and user guides are included.

The function list of the SINO SDS3-1 single-axis DRO display:

  • Metric system/British system conversion
  • Resolution ratio setting
  • Absolute/relative conversion
  • Grinding machine vibration elimination function
  • Linearity error compensation function
  • Radius/diameter conversion
  • Positive/Negative direction counting
  • Absolute zero reference point 
  • Mid-splitting function
  • Power down memory
  • Zero reset

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